Judy Lerner Workshop - 3 Rs of SHABBAT: Rest, Restriction, Repast

Date: 10-30-2019

Time: 12:00 PM

Location: Bennett Center for Judaic Studies, Donnarumma Hall, Room 245, 2nd floor

Fairfield University students, staff & faculty

Join us for a Judy Lerner workshop sponsored by the Bennett Center for Judaic Studies

3 Rs of SHABBAT: Rest, Restriction, Repast

Shabbat, the most sacred institution in Judaism, links Jews around the world with one another and with their ancestors. In the Torah, the two rationales presented in the commandment, "Remember/Observe the sabbath and keep it holy..." are based on the principles of Imitatio Dei (emulating God) and social justice.

In this workshop, we will examine biblical and rabbinic sources related to the Sabbath.  We will focus on the development of Shabbat into a holy day of rest, restrictions and joyous repasts. Lunch will be served.

RSVP by Friday, October 25 to Jennifer Haynos (jhaynos@fairfield.edu or x 2066)

This workshop is made possible through the generosity of Mary Beth Brown, ‘96


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For more information, contact Jennifer Haynos / 2066 / jhaynos@fairfield.edu