How Device42 became the fastest growing tech company in CT

Location: Library Room 101

Who: Steve Shwartz, Executive Chairman, Device42
What: How Device42 became the fastest growing tech company in CT
Where: Fairfield University Library Room 101
When: 7:00PM Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019
Cost: Admission is Free


In October, Device42 Inc was named the fastest growing tech company over the last three years at the Marcum Fast 40 event. In this talk, Steve Shwartz, co-founder and now Executive Chairman of Device42 will take you from the start of the company in 2011 to present. He'll talk about company decisions along the way in competitive strategy, product, marketing, and sales, and how the company has financed its growth. 

Steve started his career as a postdoc at Yale University in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Computer Science Department and was a co-founder of two AI companies during the 1980s, one of which had an IPO in 1986 and the other raised a massive amount of venture capital before it failed. He played a big role in the over-hyping of AI during the 1980s that led to the Second AI Winter.

He started off the 1990s with another AI product, Esperant, which became one of the leading business intelligence tools of the 1990's and was named Product of the Year by two major national industry publications in 1995. Steve sold the company to a major international software vendor.   During the late-90's dotcom era, Steve was involved in a number of exciting startups, one of which attempted (and failed) to overtake OpenTable in the restaurant reservations space.

In 2000, Steve was one of the early investors in Tangoe, was a board member for many years, and then CTO for 3 years.  Tangoe grew to over $200M in revenues and was one of the top 10 IPO's of 2011.  

Steve is currently Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Device42 which is a fast-growing software company that makes a software product used by hundreds of large enterprises in over 55 countries to manage their IT infrastructures.

Steve received his PhD from Johns Hopkins University.  He is on the board of the Angel Investor Forum and the Connecticut Technology Council and is the Chairperson of Marrakech Inc, a $40M non-profit agency that provides services to people with disabilities.

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