Model United Nations Club hosts FUMUN: Fairfield University Model UN conference for regional high schools

Date: 11-08-2019

Time: 08:00 AM

Location: Gonzaga Auditorium

The Model United Nations Club here at Fairfield is thrilled to host its 16th annual FUMUN conference for regional high schools on campus today.  About 200 students representing 11 schools will arrive on campus early in the morning today, Friday, November 8th.  After an introduction to the club's leadership team and the committee chairs, Loraine Sievers will deliver a keynote speech.  Ms Sievers was the former Chief of Security Council Affairs Branch of the United Nations and is the author of The Procedure of the Security Council.  

Following the welcome ceremony, delegates will join their committees, representing different countries and international roles to discuss the following topics:  

2015 European Refugee Crisis Committee
Children, not Soldiers Crisis Committee
Climate Change Crisis Committee
Cyber Security Crisis Committee
Falkland Islands Crisis Commitee
International Court of Justice Committee on Border Conflict in Israel
World Trade Organization: US vs. China Committee

At the end of the day, awards will be given to the delegates who contributed the most to their committees during Closing Ceremonies.  

As you see them around campus today, join us in congratulating Club Leaders Jessica Castillo '21, Nicholas Trewartha '20, Dalya Al Rawendoozi '22, Lilah Murphy '20, Corinne Cude '22, and Zola Bernardi '22 as they lead the conference with the following committee leaders:  

Tushi Patel with Brett Ojdanic
Mahfouz Soumare with Dayana Flores
Jessica Castillo and Lilah Murphy with Liam Weaver
Corinne Cude and Luka Zedginidze with Liss Larrea
Kelsey Santos with Ariela Nunez
Zola Bernardi with Sara McDonald
Kevin Parsons with Connor Chmiel

For more information about the club or to get involved, visit our website and watch our video here:  

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