Psychiatric-Mental Health Provider Utilization of Pharmacogenetics Testing for Medication Optimization in the Clinical Setting

Date: 11-20-2019

Time: 06:00 PM

Location: NHS 103/104

Despite the development of new and promising pharmacotherapies for mental health disorders, large-scale clinical studies have shown disappointing results in disease remission. These results and figures have long indicated a need to address the variability among patients in their response to medication. A relatively new approach for determining patient potential response to medication is pharmacogenetics testing (or interchangeably termed pharmacogenomics testing-PGx)— genetic testing for variant alleles associated with disease or medication response.


This seminar will feature a discussion on the promising use of genetic testing to guide treatment decisions for psychotropic medication prescribing. Examining the foundations of precision medicine (drug-drug/ drug-gene response), current research supporting efficacy of this novel tool will be presented as well as case examples from both local and regional clinicians who have garnered client symptom improvement using PGx. Additionally, issues such as ethical/legal implications, insurance coverage, client eligibility, testing costs, and client result interpretation will be addressed.


* Contact Hours for Nurses will be available. *

*Light refreshments to be served*

**Before and following seminar, you are also invited to participate in completing surveys regarding individual clinician knowledge and attitudes towards pharmacogenomics testing.**

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