Inclement Weather Cancellations/Delays Notification

This is a reminder to all Faculty and Staff that in the event of extraordinary inclement weather conditions affecting the normal operations of the University, information regarding  cancellations or delays will be disseminated in the following ways:  
  1. Notification via the StagAlert emergency notification system
  2. Email through Outlook
  3. Posting on University social channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  4. Posting on employee website portal my.fairfield
  5. Outgoing message on the University main line: 203-254-4000 or ext. 4000 

Key Things to Know: 

  • Due to space limitations with voice recordings and electronic messages, the my.fairfield portal will contain the most complete and updated information
  • Every effort will be made to disseminate information about delays or closings by 6 a.m. if day classes or operations will be affected, and by 2 p.m. if late afternoon or evening classes or operations will be affected.  
  • In order to receive StagAlert notifications, Faculty and Staff should verify or update their mobile phone information on record. This can be done at any time in Workday:
    • Select the Personal Information application button
    • Select “Contact Information” under “Change”
    • Click the Edit button (top of the screen)
    • Add your mobile phone number under either Primary Phone or Additional Phone by clicking the add button
      • If your phone number is present and incorrect, or miscoded as “landline” use the edit feature (pencil icon). Only mobile numbers are imported into the alert system. Please provide numbers only (no punctuation or other marks). 
        • Click “Submit” at the bottom of the screen to ensure your changes are submitted. 
        • The StagAlert system’s data is refreshed and updated weekly.

Please be aware that Facilities Management personnel will prioritize their efforts and clear main roadways and main doorways on campus before attending to lesser-used areas.  Therefore, you are encouraged to use the main thoroughfares during bad weather whenever possible.  

For specific departmental activities or services, further information may be available directly from the following offices or departments: 

Athletics:                    (203) 254-4136 (or ext. 4136)


Alumni Relations:       (203) 254-4280 (or ext. 4280)


Bookstore:                 Main Location on Post Road: (203) 255-7756
                                  Stag Spirit Shop on campus:   (203) 254-4262 (or ext. 4262)

Campus Ministry:      (203) 254-4050 (or ext. 4050)

(Mass Schedule)

Fairfield University Art Museum:      (203) 254-4046


Library:                      (203) 254-4044 (or ext. 4044)


Quick Center               (203) 254-4010 (or ext. 4010)
for the Arts:       

RecPlex:                     (203) 254-4141 (or ext. 4141)

We wish you a safe (and warm) winter season.

For more information, contact sharon bowler / ext 2993 /