Hacking Around the Holidays – Beware of Off-Hour Attacks

As the holidays approach, it’s important to consider how hackers use our time-off schedules against us. It’s no coincidence that ransomware and phishing campaigns are often launched on Fridays at 4pm. The more rushed and distracted we are, the more successful an attack will be.

Please continue to consider these important factors when handling email requests:

  • -          Is the timing suspect? (i.e. noon on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving)

  • -          Is it Urgent? Are there implied consequences for not taking action?

  • -          Is the request for something of value? (gift cards, passwords, sensitive information)

  • -          Is the sender not accessible in person or by phone? (In a meeting that doesn’t allow phones?)

  • -          Are there misspellings, odd grammar, the word ‘kindly’?

  • -          Does the message appear to be from someone within the University but still has the [EXTERNAL] tag on the subject line?

If you’re suspicious of a message for any reason, please forward it to phishing@fairfield.edu.

We greatly appreciate everyone’s continued attention to these scenarios. With all the technology at our disposal, awareness continues to be our best defense. 

For more information, contact Justin Hickey / 2032544058 / jhickey@fairfield.edu