Workday Tip - Usage of Supplier Invoice Details by Org-Fin-CR Report

This notification is to make end users aware of the Workday report: Supplier Invoice Details by Org-Fin-CR. This report allows you to view a listing of all invoices (or invoices for a specific supplier) processed against organizations for which you are a financial analyst. This report is similar to the old banner report "Vendor Detail History - FAIVNDH" and provides a number of useful details including the following
  • Invoice Status
  • Matched Status (invoices will not release for payment if the invoice is not matched to the PO and Receipt)
  • Payment Date
  • Check Number (in the column titled Reference)
  • and a number of other details related to the invoice, such as, PO number, PO Requester, Supplier Request Number and invoice line item description
Directions for running the report can be found in the Workday Training Job Aids under the Accounts Payable/Expense section and are titled Report: Supplier Invoice Details by Org

The link to the Workday job aids is below and can be accessed by entering your net id and password.

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