Staff Association Christmas Raffle Sales

Date: 12-04-2019

Time: 12:00 PM

Location: Campus Wide

Reminder to sign up for the Staff Association Christmas Luncheon on December 12th in the Conference Center (old DSB Dining Room). We have a lot of good raffle prizes and will be selling tickets across campus.  If you cannot attend the lunch please purchase raffle tickets from your building representative.  Place your name and extension on the back of the ticket and we will call you if you should be a winner.  If non-members would like to join us they could attend the December luncheon for $10.  Below are the building representatives:

Cindy Russo -- BLM 322                                   Fran Levine -- CNS 300                              Maureen Reynolds -- Dolan Commons 110

Susan Rush -- MCA 209                                    Karen DiCairano -- Dolan Hall  210            Barbara Dusenbery -- DSB 314

Colleen Gilbertson -- Dolan House 106             Sylvia Hurlburt/Jill Massari -- Library        Betsy Blagys -- Rec Plex

Donna Ormsbee - SON 104                                Jennifer Haynos -- Donnarumma 245         Kathy Geiling -- Walsh Athletic Center 222

Janine Huber - BCC 212                                     Sara Hanrahan -- Kelley Center                  Mary Beth Mayer -- Bannow GR-21

Thank you and good luck everyone.  If you have any questions or donations please contact Cindy Russo x2927

For more information, contact Cindy Russo / 2927 /