** Reminder - University Policy Regarding Purchase of Gift Cards **

This is a reminder to all University Employee regarding the purchase of Gift Cards and Gift Certificates 

Per the University Travel and Entertainment Handbook.

                                                                                                6C.      Gift Cards

Gift certificates and gift cards are considered cash equivalents for IRS purposes: their value constitutes taxable income. Purchasing gift cards for this reason is prohibited. Instead one time payments should be submitted in Workday to compensate University employees (including student workers) for the extra assistance provided. In those instances when a non-employee is being compensated, a supplier invoice request should be completed and submitted in Workday with the appropriate back up.

Point of clarification - The purchase of gift cards for student awards is also prohibited.

Exceptions to Policy

Gift Cards purchased as prizes for COSO/FUSA student related events are reimbursable. The recipient’s name, the event, and date must be clearly identified in the documentation provided.

 The use of gift cards for the purposes of compensating participants in confidential research studies is also reimbursable, as long as the amount paid to each individual is below $100.00. The number of participants and amount paid to each should be noted on the expense report with the comment “Confidential Study [date]; the department securely maintains study data”

Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. The fully University Travel and Entertainment Handbook can be found at the below link

Related Web Site : https://wiki.fairfield.edu/display/WOR/Workday+Job+Aids+-+printable+training+instructions

For more information, contact Robert T Messert / x-2161 / rmessert@fairfield.edu