Windows & Mac Security Update Schedule Change

Computer security updates, also referred to as patches, are important to protect the availability of your data and the security of the University network.  It is important that we install security updates and restart your computer as soon as possible after they are released and tested.  Information Technology Services has changed the schedule of security updates delivered to University owned Windows and Mac computers.  Essentially, you will be asked to restart your computer on a more regular basis.

Beginning in January 2020

New Update Schedule:

  • Monthly updates will attempt to install on the 3rd Tuesday of every month between 12 and 5 AM.
  • After updates install, you will have 24 hours before a restart is required.
  • Occasionally there is an emergency "out of band" update outside of the regular schedule.

General Information For Users

Example of restart message

For more information, contact Ben Smith / x4054 /