Case Management Committee (for students of concern) Community Threat Assessment Team (for community members of concern)

Faculty and Staff,

As we begin the semester, we want to inform you about two important and distinct resources in place at Fairfield University—the Case Management Committee and the Community Threat Assessment Team.

Case Management Committee
The Case Management Committee meets every other week to review behavioral concerns of a non-emergency nature that are referred to the Committee by members of the University community. The Committee considers coordinated and appropriate responses in a confidential setting to address student behavior. Examples of student behaviors that should be referred to this group include, but are not limited to:

  • inappropriate or disturbing comments made in class,
  • worrisome writings,
  • excessive class absences,
  • health issues (e.g., weight loss, headaches, sleep problems, etc.),
  • death of a family member or close friend,
  • suspected or known substance abuse,
  • changes in behavior, and
  • aggression.

The Committee is comprised of representatives from Academic Affairs and Student Life including, but not limited to, Counseling & Psychological Services, Academic Support and Retention, Residence Life, and Public Safety. The Committee is chaired by the Dean of Students William Johnson. To report a concern about a student to the Case Management Committee, please submit a Student of Concern report, contact the student’s academic dean’s office, or the Office of the Dean of Students at 203-254-4211. The Case Management Committee does not address emergencies or instances where an immediate threat is posed. In cases of emergencies or immediate threat, please notify Public Safety at 203-254-4090. The Case Management Committee is one of many University efforts aimed at supporting a safe and responsive environment for students to thrive personally and academically. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students.

Community Threat Assessment Team
The Community Threat Assessment Team is comprised of representatives from Counseling & Psychological Services, Human Resources, Student Life, Academic Affairs and the Department of Public Safety. It is in place specifically to help preserve the safety and security of the University community in collaboration with other University services. It serves as a proactive mechanism to identify and address members of the community, including students, staff members and visitors, who may pose a danger to self, others, or both. The Team meets on an as-needed basis and is chaired by the Associate Director of Public Safety, Frank Ficko.

The Community Threat Assessment Team seeks to identify concerns in their early phases in order to work appropriately and constructively with all parties before problems escalate into violent or dangerous outcomes. We encourage everyone in the University community to seek help for others when there are safety concerns. To report a concern, please contact the Department of Public Safety at 203-254-4090. 

William H. Johnson, PhD
Dean of Students

For more information, contact Rita Sherwood / 4211 /