Sophomore Residential College Applications Due February 3, 2020 for Current First-Year Students

Date: 02-03-2020


The Sophomore Residential College Team invites all campus colleagues and friends who work with First-Year students to apply for the Sophomore Residential College Program. 

Applications are due February 3, 2020 and can be found at 

All full-time first-year students (residential and commuter) are encouraged to Explore their Extraordinary Potential by applying for the Sophomore Residential College Program.  There are three Sophomore Residential Colleges, which are all based in the 450-year old Jesuit tradition calling students to experience, reflect, and act.  Each Residential College has its own unique theme and approach to answering the three questions of Who am I? Whose am I? and How am I called...?
  • Creative Life Residential College...How am I called to live a CREATIVE and EXAMINED LIFE?
  • Ignatian Leadership - How am I called to LEAD?
  • Service for Justice - How am I called to SERVE JUSTICE? 
The Residential College experience offers students the opportunity to develop lifelong friendships, participate in a retreat once a semester, attend amazing events, take dynamic courses that fulfill graduation requirements, and meet-up monthly with a small mentoring group led by local community member and a peer mentor.

To help interested students learn more about the program and to meet current students, each Residential College is hosting an OPEN HOUSE with their weekly community night the week before the application deadline.
  • Monday, January 27 - Munchie Monday in Service for Justice at 70 McCormick Road, First Floor Commons at 9 pm
  • Tuesday, January 28 - Tasty Tuesday in Creative Life at Loyola Hall Commons at 9 pm
  • Wednesday, January 29 -  Happy Hour in Ignatian Leadership at 42 Langguth Road, First Floor Commons at 10 pm
Thank you for your support in recruiting students for the Sophomore Residential College program. For more information please go to  If you have questions, please email us at 

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