Workday Feature Release - Coming March 7th!

The University's Workday system for HR, Finance and Payroll will be updated on Saturday, March 7th, as part of Workday's twice-yearly Feature Releases.  The 2020R1 Feature Release will include many enhancements that can be adopted over time, as well as some improvements to be realized immediately, including:

  •  Workday Mobile App Pay worklet - The Workday Mobile app "Pay" worklet has been upgraded with a more robust user interface, allowing employees to view their payslips in greater detail. 
  • Purchase Requisitions - Creating Purchase Requisitions in Workday will be more streamlined and the number of screens to scroll through will be greatly reduced.  There will even be guided help, indicated by a "?" at many fields when creating your cart and during the checkout process.
  •  Worker Search and Prompt - When searching for a worker or selecting a worker at a prompt, workers will be displayed with their photo, business title, and supervisory org, instead of only their name.  This will improve the search process, especially in cases of similar or identical worker names.
  • Update to Expenses Worklet – Draft Expense Reports and Spend Authorizations will now be indicated in the Expenses worklet.  University Credit Card transactions can now be deleted from Workday rather than only the mobile app.
Details about these new features can be found in Workday News and Updates at the link below. Be sure to login with your netID and password.  Stay tuned for upcoming information about a Zoom session where the new Purchase Requisition process will be reviewed in more detail!

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