Licensing to Corporations- Do's and Don'ts

Date: 06-25-2019

Time: 07:00 PM

Location: Library Room 101, Auditorium

"Licensing to Corporations- Do's and Don'ts". Put another way, this is a "Peek under the corporate tent" designed to help independent inventors and entrepreneurs understand the corporate licensing process and corporate psyche through a series of nine pragmatic steps. These include insights to the internal corporate process, who to contact and how, imperative presentation content, potential landmines, questions to anticipate, how to increase valuation, expectations, etc.

Speaker Biography:
Bob Oros' marketing career spans over forty years within multiple consumer product categories. His expertise resides within new product & new business development and innovation having identified and commercialized several successful entries, a number of which spawned entirely new categories within their respective industries. Bob earned his B.S. degree in marketing from Rutgers University and his MBA from Michigan State University. He has served on the board of the Connecticut Venture Group, served on the Board of the Inventors Association of Connecticut for over twelve years, participated in the annual Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship as a coach and as a competitions judge for over ten years and currently serves as a judge for various entrepreneurial fund raising competitions.

BDR is located in Stamford, CT.

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