Breaking Out of the Man Box: CT ACE's April Virtual Engagement Opportunity

Date: 04-14-2020

Time: 12:00 PM

Location: Zoom:

CT ACE Women's Network @ Fairfield University is excited to have Jay Taylor, Clinical Director of Fairfield University's Master of Social Work program, join us to talk about his work helping boys and men "break out of the man box" on TUESDAY, April 14th from 12-1pm.

Jay shares, "The vision of my work is to create a world where ALL men and boys are loving and respectful and ALL women and girls are valued and safe. We go about this work of violence prevention by engaging groups of men and boys in conversations around healthy respectful manhood. We recognize that gender based violence is a male issue and in order to solve this problem we need ALL men to get involved. Cultivating healthy manhood involves challenging the rigid notions of manhood that limit men's humanity and lead to violence in all forms. Unpacking male socialization and re-authoring new stories of what manhood could be is at the heart of this labor of love. We believe that men are the solution, not the problem."

During this virtual session, which can be accessed via Zoom at, Jay will introduce us to his work. We plan to have Jay back to continue the conversation in-person once we are all back together on-campus.

Additional Online Location Instructions: Meeting ID: 420 307 574
Or join us by phone at +1 646 876 9923

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