Cura Personalis Mentoring Fall 2020 Application

The Cura Personalis Mentoring program Fall 2020 applications are now available!  We are looking for professional mentors to join the CPMP team. A professional mentor consists of a faculty/staff/graduate student at Fairfield University.


The Cura Personalis Mentoring program is designed to provide first and second year students from underrepresented populations an opportunity to build and strengthen relationships with faculty/staff and students across campus. Fist year students will be assigned to a professional mentor and peer mentor. Mentoring enhances confidence, encouragement, psychosocial support, and provides a safe space for diverse perspectives and experiences. Both mentors and mentees will have the opportunity to establish positive relationships between each other and unleash untapped potential, allowing growth to take place for all participants during the mentoring process.


Faculty/staff and Graduate students and are encouraged to participate in the Cura Personalis Mentoring Program. If interested, please use the link provided to complete the application.

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For more information, contact Yolehema Felican / (203) 254-4000, ext. 3165 /