Sexual Assault Awareness Month: What You Can Do to Help Prevent Sexual Violence and Support Survivors

Date: 04-15-2020

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these uncertain times. April is Sexual Assault Awareness month and we think especially about those who have been victims. As an integral member of our campus community and someone students look up to, you play a central role in creating a safe, healthy atmosphere. Sexual violence occurs when someone is forced or coerced into unwanted sexual activity without agreeing or consenting. Here are some simple tips to help prevent sexual violence on your campus, most of which can be done as you work remotely! Stay Safe.
  • Attend an online training session to learn more about your unique role in addressing sexual violence on your campus. 
  • Collaborate with others across campus as part of a team working to prevent and respond to sexual violence.
  • Incorporate information about sexual violence and healthy sexuality (National Sexual Violence Resource Center [NSVRC], 2012) into your curriculum whenever possible.
  • Invite campus prevention educators to conduct trainings for your students during class or colleagues during a meeting.
  • Keep information about sexual violence prevention on hand for your students. Display it on your syllabus, presentation slides or in your office so that students see it. Need resources?Contact Counseling & Psych Services or Title IX office
  • Be a role model. Actively model respectful, equitable behavior to students and other faculty and staff.
  • Wear a teal ribbon/sticker or attach one to your backpack or water bottle. Tell others why you wear it.
  • Be an active bystander and intervene when you witness inappropriate behavior. If students or colleagues make sexist comments or jokes about rape, speak up and explain why that is not tolerated on campus.
  • Post an inspirational or positive message around prevention with your email signature.
  • Participate in campus educational programs and events to show your support for prevention efforts and survivors of sexual violence.

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