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Operations of Accounts Payable Starting Monday June 24th for FY19 Invoices Processing

Hello All,

Starting, Monday June 24th the Accounts Payable Department will begin the following operational procedures for handling all PO invoices dated 06/30/19 or earlier.

For all PO invoices that have insufficient funds left on the Purchase Order (without a change order already in progress)

  • We will be requesting the following information for the invoices:
    • Signature of requestor and requestor’s manager (to insure one over one approval)
    • A contact person to address any budget check issues that may arise
  • These invoices will be direct paid by accounts payable, with Workday requiring the same remaining approvals that would be required for any other purchase.
  • If the invoice causes a budget check issue, a budget check override will be requested and the budget department will have to work with the contact person to address the funding of the invoice.
  • Once the solution to the budget check is identified, the budget department will send the invoice back to AP to make the needed changes or they will grant the override so the invoice can move forward in the approval process and be paid.
  • We will notify the purchasing department to close the PO(s) for these invoice(s) at the end of each day.

For all PO invoices that have insufficient funds left on the Purchase Order (with a change order already in progress)

- Purchasing will work to complete those change orders that where submitted as of the end of day on Wednesday 06/26/19.

- We ask that the requestor work to make sure to “hand hold” these requests through the process and work with approvers to get these change orders completely approved as quickly as possible.

As a reminder Purchasing is the only department authorized to issue purchase orders to vendors to  initiate the purchase of goods or services on behalf of the University. If you did not get a purchase order in process prior to the June 14th cut off, you should not directly order any goods to be purchased against this year’s budget.

Thank you for your attention to this matter


For more information, contact Robert Messert / X-2161 /