WAC/WID Workshop Week

  • Interested in earning a WAC/WID designation for one of your courses?
  • Already include writing in some form in your classes?
  • Previously taken a CAE-sponsored Course Design Institute and familiar with backward design?
If you answered "Yes!" (okay, even if you only answered, "Yeah, I guess") to one of these questions, we invite you to participate in a June WAC/WID Workshop Week!

From June 1 through June 5, Core Writing is sponsoring a week-long workshop experience where participants will:
  • Spend their mornings in synchronous Zoom meetings, learning from fellow participants and WAC/WID Consultants about including various types of writing in courses from across the University curriculum (everything from lab reports to presentations to podcasts to journals);
  • Spend their afternoons independently working on revising the syllabus or assignments of a current course or two, drafting a WAC/WID application(s), and/or meeting with WAC/WID consultants;
  • Participate in an optional session on tech. tools that facilitate the inclusion of writing; and
  • At week's end, participate in a showcase of participants' projects.
We're excited to spend a week working intensively with each participant so that, by the end of the week, you will submit at least one course for a WAC/WID designation!

Stipends pay faculty $500 for participating in the Zoom sessions, $500 for submitting a WAC/WID application at week's end, and an additional $500 for submitting a second application. 

Please complete the short Google form (URL below) to indicate your interest in participating no later than Friday, May 8, 2020, and please contact Kim Gunter at kgunter@fairfield.edu if you have any questions. The cohort for this pilot program is capped at 12.

We are excited to collaborate with you as you work toward submitting your courses for a WAC or WID Signature Element designation! 

Interest form URL: https://forms.gle/nidSFz1pMgxbT9yZ8 

Related Web Site : https://forms.gle/nidSFz1pMgxbT9yZ8

For more information, contact Tiffany Wilgar / 7025442992 / twilgar@fairfield.edu