University Resources For Employees

Dear Colleagues,

During these difficult times, we have all experienced losses and disruption in our lives. Some of us didn’t have the opportunity to say good-bye to our students, or each other, before shifting to teleworking. Some of us have encountered the virus personally – becoming ill, or experiencing the illness or death of a loved one or friend. Many of us are taking on additional responsibilities by assisting others in various ways, such as shopping for and checking in on the vulnerable. Most of us continue to work, teach, and provide engagement opportunities and support to our students and colleagues.

Losses often result in sadness and take on a kind of grieving. Sometimes, we can feel depressed, anxious, frustrated, and discouraged. And sometimes, our motivation and ability to concentrate are diminished.

Just because we are not together on campus doesn’t mean that there are not wonderful resources available to you. It helps to talk to someone. It helps to be listened to and to get support, reassurance, and an objective perspective.

Please consider connecting with these University resources as you continue to deal with the uncertainty of this pandemic and its many losses:

·       Employee Assistance – John Pacheco, CSW: Email or for a remote, confidential meeting. John can also be reached by landline phone at 203-375-5782, extension 2; or by cell or text at 203-209-6950.  Please be sure to identify yourself as a Fairfield University employee when you reach out to John.

·       Campus Ministry: Email to set up a remote appointment for pastoral counseling and support.

·       The Murphy Center for Ignatian Spirituality: Email for individual spiritual guidance and support.

The pandemic is a public health crisis – it puts our health at risk; it can also be an emotional and spiritual struggle.

Please count on us,

Campus Ministry, Health & Wellness Committee, Murphy Center for Ignatian Spirituality, and Office of Human Resources


For more information, contact Sharon B. Bowler / 4295 /