Stags for Stags

Date: 05-07-2020

Location: N/A

In an effort to respond to the new and urgent needs of students and their families that have arisen amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Fairfield University has launched the Stags for Stags strategic initiative, encouraging generosity to support students in the areas of critical financial aid, student wellness and resiliency, academic response and preparedness, and spirituality and guidance. Each of these areas focuses on maintaining academic continuity and the vibrancy of the Fairfield student body as well as ensuring that all students, including the class of 2024, begin and finish their academic journeys. Support for the Stags for Stags initiative will also be the focus of the University’s upcoming STAGiving Day on Thursday, June 4. For more information please visit [ADD WEB LINK]

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For more information, contact Bill Knapp / 203-687-7092 /