Humanities at Work Alumni Panel on Humanities and Careers

Date: 03-26-2019

Time: 18:00

Location: Dogwood Room

The Humanities Institute’s “Humanities At Work” series will host an Alumni Panel on The Humanities and Careers, in conjunction with the School of Humanities, on Tuesday March 26 at 6pm in the Dogwood Room. Fairfield alumni will discuss how their  majors and minors in Humanities disciplines led to successful and rewarding careers.  Panelists:
  • Jason Mancini PhD (History ’94), Executive Director of Connecticut Humanities
  • Courtney Darts, Esq (Art History/ English ’01), Legal Director, Pro Bono Partnership, NYC
  • Matt Pecoraro, MSW (Philosophy; Classical Studies ’11), Public Policy Associate at Harvard Medical School’s Judge Baker Children's Center
  • Carolyn Marino (English; Spanish & Religious Studies minor ’11), MSc International Relations (Univ. of Edinburgh), Program Coordinator, the Committee on Global Thought, Columbia University.

 “Humanities at Work” is a series of events and resources designed to showcase the transformative roles that a humanities education plays in society and professional life. See our archive of Humanities and careers news items, student and faculty videos, and other resources at


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