"My Print Anywhere" Capability With New Canon Copiers

As you know, ITS will be replacing most of the Canon copiers on campus with an upgraded model. Once the new copiers are installed all users will have the capability to use “My Print Anywhere”. This is an optional feature that allows users to print confidential documents in complete privacy. Users can send a document  to "My Print Anywhere"  and print the document by swiping your Stag Card at any Canon copier on campus. (You will still be able to send documents from your computer directly to the Canon in your office without using “My Print Anywhere.) 

For instructions on how to add this capability to your computer click the link below and follow the instructions:


Related Web Site : https://wiki.fairfield.edu/x/8QEvAQ

For more information, contact Marie Ernye / 2032544000 x2048 / mernye@fairfield.edu