MacOS Antivirus Changes

Over the next few months ITS will be rolling out Crowdstrike to Fairfield University owned computers; this is a new generation antivirus solution.
Please follow the instructions below and complete as soon as possible on your Fairfield University owned Mac.

  • Please approve the MDM profile on your computer.
    Go to the Apple Menu (top left of your screen) and select System Preferences.

  • Once that opens, click on the Profiles icon.

    Note: If you do not see a Profiles icon in System Preferences, your computer doesn’t support the new antivirus or is not checking in to the University properly.  If this is the case please email your Asset tag number (found on the bottom or back of your computer) to

  • Approve the “MDM Profile” and restart your computer (some users will see a second profile “Jamf Notifications”, no action is needed for that one).
    Please note, the red writing on the profile is listing the security features that Fairfield University ITS has access to perform. Erasing data would only occur in the case of theft.

  • Your computer will automatically remove Symantec and install Crowdstrike within about 24 hours.
    You can verify it is done by looking for a Symantec Solutions folder in Applications, if it is gone then the process is complete.

For more information, contact Ben Smith / x4054 /