Notice Regarding Expense Reports and Spend Authorizations for Year End

From the Accounts Payable Team,

We hope you are well and staying safe.

The end of the school year is here. As a result, it is very important that all your expenses are submitted as soon as possible to insure they are properly recorded against this year’s budget and that your spend authorizations are properly closed to reflect the final Budget vs Actuals activity for the year. To that end we are asking the following:

Close/cancel any approved, in progress, or draft spend authorization were the trip has been canceled and/or there are no more expense to be submitted against the spend authorization. This frees up any encumbrance, and puts the un-used money back in your budget. You can see the status of any spend authorization by clicking on the Spend Authorizations button under the View column in the Expenses worklet.

We ask that you go to the expenses worklet and see if you have any expense reports or spend authorizations in draft status. If you have any items in draft, you will see a button to “Edit Expense Report” or “Edit Spend Authorization” with a number next to the line. Please complete any expense reports/spend authorizations you failed to complete or cancel them (even expense reports with $0.00)

Please reconcile your cash advances. If you incurred expenses that exceeded your advance, simply submit an expense report against the spend authorization. If you did not use all of your cash advance, submit an expense report for the expenses you did incur, then send a check (made payable to Fairfield University) to accounts payable for the remaining balance. Please be sure to write the spend authorization number in the memo field of the check. We will clear the balance due from your account and deposit the check with the Bursar.

Extremely Important:

If you are an org (gift, grant, and project) manager, a Department Spend Approver, Academic Partner or Supervisor, it is extremely important that you access Workday at least once every few days to insure you are reviewing and approving items in your inbox. Expense reports will only post to the open accounting period when they are fully approved. If they are fully approved after 07/01/20, they will post to FY21.

Also do not leave items sitting in budget check (or Inbox). Please work with Megan Crawford, Kristine Mish or Andzelina Chmielewski on how to address these issues.

For more information, contact Robert T Messert / x-2161 /