Alana Hubbs '20 and Raquel Reilly '20 Awarded Fulbright Scholarships

Hubbs will travel to Latvia to teach English and Reilly will pursue biochemistry research in Germany.

To date, more than 65 Fairfield University alumni have been awarded a Fulbright — a year-long scholarship that supports post-graduate study, research, work, or teaching in another country. Aligned with Fairfield's mission to embrace global awareness, cross-cultural learning, and independent intellectual thought, the Fulbright program aims to increase mutual understanding between people of the U.S. and other countries.

Recent graduates Alana Hubbs ’20 of Kingston, N.Y. and Raquel Reilly ’20 of Prospect, Conn. are the newest Fairfield alumnae to receive prestigious Fulbright scholarships. While their travel plans are not yet finalized due to the impact of Covid-19, they plan to travel to Europe for their Fulbright experiences.

“Fairfield University’s Fulbright program reflects our commitment to reaching for the magis, the more, not only in terms of scholarly inquiry, but global engagement,” said Jocelyn M. Boryczka, PhD, associate vice provost for scholarly, creative, and community engagement. “Alana and Raquel represent this commitment and, even amid a global pandemic, the importance of international exchange to pursuing academic excellence.”

Get to know Alana Hubbs and Raquel Reilly and learn more about their Fulbright plans:

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