CAE & GSEAP Announce First Workshop in Open Pedagogy Series, July 10

Date: 07-10-2020

Time: 01:00 PM

Location: Zoom

The Center for Academic Excellence is pleased to announce a new series of workshops on Open Pedagogy. These co-sponsored sessions are being developed and run by GSEAP’s Educational Technology program and Kevin Corcoran, the Executive Director of Digital Learning for Connecticut and an adjunct professor at Fairfield. Funded by a State of Connecticut grant received by Dr. Joshua Elliott, the first session - Introduction to Open Pedagogy: Student Contribution to Public Knowledge - will take place on Friday, July 10, at 1 pm on Zoom.  The 45-minute workshop will introduce the concepts of open pedagogy and highlight various ways that students across all disciplines can engage in creating or contributing to publicly available learning resources that benefit the community at large.

Two subsequent sessions will run on July 24 (Copyright, Creative Commons, and OER Licensing), and on August 7 (Open Pedagogy Adoption Workshop). Please note that while faculty can choose to attend either or both of the first two sessions, on July 7 and July 24, the August 7 session on Open Pedagogy Adoption will have a lower cap on participants and acceptance will require the completion of the first session on July 10. And if you want to learn more about Open Pedagogy before deciding, visit

To register for the Introduction to Open Pedagogy workshop, please visit the CAE’s sign-up page Attendance for this July 10 will be capped at 25, so if you’re interested please register early. 

For more information, contact Jay Rozgonyi / 203-382-3517 /