LiveSafe Health Questionnaire User Information

Prior to arriving to campus, Fairfield University is requiring all students, faculty, and staff to submit a daily health monitoring questionnaire through the LiveSafe campus safety smartphone application. Because the results of the questionnaire may need to be shown throughout your day on campus, it is important to save the results of the daily health monitoring questionnaire.

The results of the LiveSafe daily Covid-19 health monitoring questionnaire — the green check mark or red ‘X” response screen — will remain visible on the app as long as users do not close the app or hit “back” upon completion. If the app is kept open in the background, the survey response screen will remain for the day. Additionally, users will receive an email immediately after submitting the survey that contains the results of the completed questionnaire. The email can be opened right from the user’s phone and viewed and shown as many times as necessary. Users can also screenshot the results of their questionnaire so that they can save the response to their phone in the event they are asked to show their survey results at any time on campus. 

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