Workday Enhancement - Office Building and Room Number

Date: 07-25-2019

We are happy to announce another enhancement to Workday!


Beginning on Thursday, July 25, in addition to your work location (building), your room # (workspace) will be available on Workday! 


This information will be used for the Outlook Global Address List (GAL), so please verify your location, workspace and phone extension.  Email with any location/workspace updates or corrections.  Also, going forward, please email notification of workspace moves to ensure that the directory is kept up-to-date.


To verify location and workspace:

Login to Workday, View Profile (click on your photo on the top right corner of the screen, click view profile).  On the blue vertical menu click on Summary to view Location and Workspace. 


To verify phone:

On your Workday profile, click on the phone icon just below your name to verify your phone number and extension.  If there is no phone icon there is no extension entered.


Related Web Site :

For more information, contact Human Resources / 203-254-4000 x2277 /