Vehicle Registration

Date: 09-04-2020

The Parking Office will now be registering vehicles online.  The link to our new site can be found under my.fairfield under the parking tab, or by direct link

As this is a brand new system, you will need to scan your vehicle registration and Stagcard into the form.  Once submitted, you will receive an approval email that will provide the link for payment.  American Express, Visa and Mastercard are all acceptable options.  The fee for full-time students remains at $150.  Students will have their decal mailed to their campus mailbox while faculty and staff decals will be mailed to their office.  There is always the option to pick up your approved decal with your Stagcard at the Parking Office located on the ground floor of Loyola.

Faculty/Staff: The fee remains at $100 for registering a second vehicle and $50 for third.  These vehicles must be registered in person at the Parking Office.  Payment can be made with cash, check or a payroll deduction form.

Temporary Permits: Faculty, staff, and all students must come to the Parking office for temporary permits, regardless of long or short term passes. Fees are $10 per day with a maximum of $75 for students who do not have a registered vehicle.

Second Degree Nursing: Will register on the parking site and will choose the graduate option.

*Reminder:  All First-Year and Sophomore students are not permitted to have a car on campus.  If you brought a car for move in, your vehicle must be returned home by the weekend.


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