Workday Feature Release - Coming September 12th!

Our Workday system for HR, Finance and Payroll will be updated on Saturday, September 12th as part of Workday's 2020R2 Feature Release.  This update will include hundreds of new features and improvements for potential adoption, as well as some improvements that will be immediately apparent, such as:
  • New, improved Benefits worklet! Changing and enrolling in benefits will be more user-friendly and the Workday mobile app will align more closely with the Workday web experience.
  • Workday Assistant - Workday has a new feature called the Workday Assistant, which will enable you to use a chat bot to initiate some common Workday transactions.  Workday Assistant will also be available in the Workday Mobile app.
  • Workday Quick Access Menu - Workday has added a Quick Access menu, where you can add shortcuts to your favorite reports, tasks, and urls.  The Quick Access menu also includes your most commonly used apps/worklets
  • Improved Workday Search - Workday Search will now include a list of your most recent search history
  • Improved Worker Search -  Searching on a worker in Workday will now return more details about the worker, including a photo, title, supervisory org and location
  • Improvements to Expense reporting  -  Workday has moved the area to attach a receipt to the top of the expense line section, and also added more descriptive expense report statuses.
  • Initiators can now cancel a Supplier Request. In prior versions of Workday, the only way to cancel a Supplier Request was to have the Procurement team deny the request.  Now, if you submitted a Supplier Request in error, or in duplicate, you can cancel the request yourself.
Click on the link below to read more about these new features coming in Workday on September 12th!

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