Global Fairfield's "Two Weeks to Learn How to Study Abroad"

Date: 9-21-2020-10-2-2020

Time: 12:00 PM

Location: Vimeo and Zoom Sessions

Join us as we convert our traditional Study Abroad Fair one day in-person event into a two week opportunity! All majors and all students are encourage to join in and listen and learn about how Global Fairfield may have an off campus opportunity. During the first week of "Two Weeks to Learn How to Study Abroad", Global Fairfield will present 6 short sessions that will provide an overview of the following topics:

Monday, 9/21 – Global Fairfield Introduction and “What is the difference of a Center Program and an Approved Partner Program

Tuesday, 9/22 – Short Term Programs
Wednesday, 9/23 –  Academic Preferred Programs for Dolan

-          Academic Preferred Programs for School of Engineering

Thursday, 9/24  –  Academic Preferred Programs for College of Arts and Sciences

Academic Preferred Programs for Egan 

Each day a Vimeo link will be announced through social, email and Life@.

During our second week of events, September 28th - October 2th, students are invited to attend a daily Zoom meeting with a short introduction with a moderator and then breakout rooms with combined live and video presentation of the programs.

Monday 9/28 – UK and Ireland
Breakout Rooms
Queen Mary University London
National University Ireland, Galway
Tuesday 9/29 – Mainland Europe
Breakout Rooms
- Italy
- France
- Spain
- Greece
- Beyond with AIFS

Wednesday 9/30 - Australia and Asia
Breakout Rooms

- Australia options
- Loyola Vietnam
- Sogang University
- The Beijing Center

 Thursday 10/1 - Domestic Programs
Breakout Rooms
- Washington, DC
- Puerto Rico(Exchanges)

Friday 10/2 – Global V.I.E.W.S. and Jesuit Values

-          Volunteering

-          Internships

-          Experiential Learning

-          Work Research

- Service Learning


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