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Date: 10-02-2020

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Open VISIONS Forum | Bank of America Women and Leadership Series

Peggy Noonan

Finding the Moral High Ground / Challenges for USA's Reboot

Peggy Noonan – among one of the leading thought leaders and opinion shapers impacting ideas in the USA today - is our kickoff speaker for the Bank of America’s prestigious ‘Women Leadership’ lecture series. Her often quoted opinion column “Declarations”, appearing weekly in the Wall Street Journal, wields much respected influence. With a street smart sensibility and ‘fair minded’ nature, she shares a well-tempered, balanced, and often non-partisan point of view. In a candid, unscripted moderated conversation, Ms. Noonan will respond to questions focusing on the upcoming Presidential election and larger concerns about the future direction of our nation.

Whether you’ve just seen her go toe-to-toe in debate with governmental leaders, or fellow journalists on Meet the Press, Noonan’s precise language, eloquent voice, and ‘Big Idea’ thinking often wins the day. “Candor is a compliment; it implies equality. It's how true friends talk,” Noonan says. “What we need most right now, at this moment, is a kind of patriotic grace - a grace that takes the long view, apprehends the moment we're in, comes up with ways of dealing with it, and eschews the politically cheap and manipulative.”

Awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary in 2017, Noonan is the type of cool, calm, and empathetic person who you’d like to discuss world and national affairs with knowing she sees the ‘Big Picture.’ A political analyst for NBC News, she is the author of nine books on American politics, history and culture, from her most recent, The Time of Our Lives, to her first, What I Saw at the Revolution.

She is one of ten historians and writers who contributed essays on the American presidency for the book, Character Above All. Noonan was a special assistant and speechwriter for President Ronald Reagan. In 2010 she was given the Award for Media Excellence by the living recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor; the following year she was chosen as Columnist of the Year by The Week. She has been a fellow at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, and has taught in the history department at Yale University.       

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