#UNLOAD FOUNDATION - Culture Shock: Is this the American Dream?

Date: 10-13-2020

Time: 01:00 PM

Location: www.thequicklive.com

Free virtual event; Tune in by visiting www.thequicklive.com.

#UNLOAD’s Mary Himes and Miggs Burroughs will host a series of online conversations with Christy O’Connor, the curator of the New Jersey exhibition, Thoughts and Prayers, Another Round of Vacant Stares, and several of its participating artists. We’ll explore their varied responses to the crises of our time–an out-of-control pandemic, public acknowledgement of police brutality, a gun culture that permits mass shootings and high rates of accidental deaths and injuries– and question some basic tenets of the American Dream.

Dominic Sansone

As a former design engineer of the Military Industrial Complex, Sansone brings his unique perspective to the subjects of warfare, violence, media, and culture. In our conversation, we’ll discuss his artwork, Brand New God, which raises questions about our fetishization of guns.

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