Weekly Community Examen

Date: 10-27-2020

Campus Ministry and the Murphy Center for Ignatian Spirituality have teamed up to offer an examen for our community each week. This invitation is an opportunity to go deeper into a shared text and consider how our mission and Jesuit values guide our work together here at Fairfield and beyond. Each week, a different member of the Campus Ministry or Murphy Center staff will provide a text for us. Video of the reflection can be found on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

From Fr. Paul Rourke, Director of Campus Ministry

The Ignatian Examen, God meets us where we are, inviting us to places we may not be willing—but need—to go. This Ignatian Examen for Civic Life calls us to be contemplatives in action. We are invited to talk with God in specific ways about the interrelationship between Gospel values and political engagement.



Begin with a prayer of gratitude.


Consider the current realities of our country—for what and for whom are you most grateful?


Ask for God’s guidance.


Invite the Spirit of God to illuminate your reflections.


Enlightened by the spirit, prayerfully review our nation at this point in history; pay attention to your emotions and reactions.

What energizes you or brings you closer to God as you reflect on our country?

What distracts you or makes you feel farther away from God as you reflect on our country?

What is the current situation of your brothers and sisters, particularly those who are most vulnerable and often marginalized by poverty and injustice?

What are the ways that your identity and privileges shape your perspective and vision for our country?

Allow your honest reactions, emotions, and desires to surface.


Conversation with God

Consider perhaps one or two of the strongest desires or feelings evoked by your prayers about the our country and bring this to God.

Engage God in conversation over these desires or feelings, speaking simply, clearly, directly, and honestly, as one friend speaks to another.

What areas of your life as a faithful citizen do you lament? 

What communities, groups, or aspects of creation in our nation need healing and reconciliation? 

What is God’s desire for people who are marginalized by poverty and injustice? 

What areas of your life / our nation’s life do you rejoice in and celebrate fidelity to Gospel values? 

Listen with your heart—how is God present to you through your reactions and desires?


Prayer of renewal and resolution

As we prepare to elect new leaders, how will you promote the common good? Ask God for the assistance you need to enact greater, more lasting good for all God’s people. Is there a specific attitude you want to cultivate or an action you want to take? Entrust your desires and intentions to God’s grade.



For more information, contact Kathleen Byrnes / 2032454000 / kbyrnes@fairfield.edu