A Message from Fr. Gerry Blaszczak, S.J.

Dear Members of the Fairfield University Community,

I am writing to you as your Vice President for Mission and Ministry to encourage all of you to exercise your right and responsibility to vote in this week’s election.

I join with leaders of faith across political, religious and ideological differences to appeal to all members of our community to fulfill your duty as citizens to participate in the this voting process by which our democracy is maintained and our own constitutional freedoms guaranteed.

In this election season we can expect to find ourselves in conversations with members of our Fairfield community whose perspectives differ widely from our own. Such conversations are not to be avoided, but seen as opportunities for clarification and fruitful exchange, as longs as they are carried out with respect and with what St. Ignatius Loyola called the “presupposition.”  “It should be presupposed that everyone ought to be more eager to put a good interpretation on a neighbor’s statement than to condemn it” (Spiritual Exercises, #22). In the coming days let us resolve to listen thoughtfully to one another, always seeking to exhibit a generosity of spirit, and disagreeing with respect and humility when necessary.

On October 26, Bishop Frank Caggiano wrote, “Given the paramount importance of this year’s elections on every level of government, it is imperative that we seek the Lord’s grace to guide the minds and hearts of our fellow Americans as they discern their political responsibility to vote for our future leaders.” I invite each of us to pray for God’s Spirit to guide us and our fellow citizens in preparation for our carrying out our duty to vote on November 3.


Fr. Gerry Blaszczak, S.J.

For more information, contact Sara Colabella / 3259 / scolabella@fairfield.edu