The Blockchain Potential

Date: 11-24-2020

Time: 07:00 PM

Location: zoom

Who: Jeff Marinstein
What: The Blockchain Potential
When: 7:00PM Tuesday, November, 24, 2020
Cost: Admission is Free
Attend via Zoom:
Workshop Content: Blockchains hold the potential to streamline major business processes, increase efficiency and security, and reduce costs for companies in every industry. For consumers and businesses, they offer a transformative new way to exchange value. Seeing this potential, investors have poured over $15B in capital into blockchain startups in the past 2 years. Across industries, companies are experimenting with blockchain technology to increase supply chain visibility, enhance patient safety, improve inventory management, and reduce the cost of transactions. This informative session will provide a background on blockchains, how we got here and where the industry is headed.

Key Topics:
· What blockchain technology is and why it matters

· What key problems are solved using blockchain technology

· What the difference is between Bitcoin and blockchains

· How companies are using blockchain technology

· Why central banks are concerned about digital currency

· Where the blockchain industry is headed in the near future
Speaker Biography:
About Jeff Marinstein: Jeff Marinstein is the Founding Principal of Marinstein & Company, a management advisory focused on strategy at the intersection of business and technology. He is an Instructor-in-Residence at the UConn School of Business teaching executive education classes in blockchain. He spent 18 years at IBM as the global head of business strategy and M&A in IBM Global Services. He is an advisor to senior executives in large enterprise, mid- market companies, and startups. Jeff is a frequent speaker on blockchain and author of the forthcoming blog “Blockchain for Grownups – Practical Uses of Blockchain.” Prior to IBM he founded Contingency Planning Research. The firm did pioneering work in the field of business continuity and risk management. Jeff lives with his wife and two daughters in Stamford, CT.

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