Pilobolus: Connecting with Balance - Wednesday, January 27 at 11:30 AM

Date: 01-27-2021

Time: 11:30 AM

Location: www.thequicklive.com

Free virtual event; RSVP required by emailing the Quick Center Box Office at quickboxoffice@fairfield.edu.

Pilobolus is a dance company that was founded fifty years ago by non-dancers who made art by exploring new ways of moving together. They are now an American cultural Institution. The company was founded on the idea that everyone can dance, connect with their body, and access creativity through movement.

For those that missed Connecting with Balance at the Quick last spring, this is your chance to try it out.

Connecting with Balance is a progressive exercise program based on a half century of developing techniques that create opportunities to investigate your body and its relationship to gravity. Our video series provides guidance that allows participants to take class on demand and progress at their own pace through the 9 classes.

Most people don’t think about their balance until they fall. Don’t let that happen to you. Stop the decline in balance that occurs as we age by utilizing our preventative program.

Get in touch, and connect with balance.

This is a special one-time free offer with the Quick. To enjoy the full series, learn more by checking out the links below.

Emily Milam Kent graduated Magna Cum Laude, earning a BSEd in Dance Education from the University of Georgia. She began working with Pilobolus in 1999 working first as a dancer and collaborator and then Teaching Artist. She has created original works for high school and university dance companies for Pilobolus and as an individual artist. She has set classic Pilobolus repertoire on high school and university students; she and her partner Matt Kent, were the first to have the process notated by a Laban Notator. During her career with Pilobolus she has created new programs to share the Pilobolus Method to people of all ages and abilities to people around the country: Pilobolus @ Play, the flagship touring education residency, Connecting with Balance, a progressive program for the aging population, The Pilobolus Teaching Manual, to share our techniques with teachers. She spends her days teaching and training teachers to bring Pilobolus’s ideals of collaboration and improvisation to young and old.

Description and Introduction Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8UDZwHgG6c&feature=youtu.be

Video Purchase Link: https://pilobolus.org/connecting-with-balance

Related Web Site : https://quickcenter.fairfield.edu/spring-2021-season-calendar/dance/pilobolus-connecting-with-balance.html

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