Faculty and Staff COVID-19 Test Requirements for Campus Entry

Date: 01-29-2021

Faculty and Staff:

Beginning on February 8, 2021, you must have 2 negative COVID-19 PCR tests to gain entrance to campus, and will be required to swipe your StagCard at the guardhouse upon entry.     

 There are three test options available to you.

  1. Each employee is eligible to order one Quest at-home test.
  2. There will be a Broad on-campus test clinic by appointment on Feb 2, 3 and 4.
  3. You may secure a private test, which will be covered for participants of the University medical plan.  Private test results, both positive and negative, must be sent to COVIDHR@fairfield.edu
Timing of tests

For those already coming on campus:

Test 1 – You should have already taken at least one test.  If you haven’t done so, please test immediately.

Test 2 –  Broad on-campus test on Feb 2 ,3 or 4, or take Quest at-home test between Feb 1-Feb 5. 

For those coming on campus the week of February 8:

Test 1 – Quest at-home test or a private test approximately 10 days before your return or less.

Test 2 – Broad test on-campus on Feb 2, 3 or 4 or Quest at-home test taken within 5 days of return to campus or a private test taken within 72 hours of your return to campus. 

For those coming on campus February 15 or later:

Test 1 – Order the Quest at-home test now, and hold it until approximately 10 days before your return to campus.  This test can be ordered up until February 28, 2021.

Test 2 – Private test within 72 hours of your return to campus.

 **For those who are coming on-campus you will be expected to test weekly for the remainder of February, and then subsequently may get selected randomly for surveillance testing.  Information on future on-campus testing clinics will be forthcoming.**

 As a reminder, exempt from testing are employees not coming on-campus at all, and employees who have submitted proof of a positive COVID test result that is within 90 days.

Related Web Site : https://covid19testing21.as.me/emp0113 http://patient.questdiagnostics.com/backtoschool-testing-registration-on-campus?programid=ffuniv-bts

For more information, contact Faith Hunt / x2258 / COVIDHR@fairfield.edu