CAE's Peer Observation of Hybrid/Online Courses Sign-Up

In order to support faculty this spring in their continued hybrid and remote instruction work, the CAE is once again offering a program that we started last fall to provide formative feedback about teaching in current classes. The Peer Observation of Hybrid and Online Courses program will allow any full- or part-time instructor to apply for a confidential consultation with a CAE-trained Peer Faculty Observer, who will confer with the instructor and together develop a plan for “observing” one of four elements of the instructor’s hybrid or online course: 
  • Course Goal and Student Learning Objective Design 
  • Student Engagement and Course Activities 
  • Integration of Technology and Tech Tools
  • Online Assessments
Coordinated by CAE Faculty Liaison Joshua Elliott and relying on a team of faculty with online and hybrid teaching experience, the observations will involve a pre-observation meeting; one or more agreed-upon observation “events” (which may include providing access to the course in Blackboard, attending live Zoom sessions, viewing digital artifacts, or other activities); and a final meeting to discuss the Peer Observer’s insights and recommendations. This program is intended for formative improvement of teaching and to facilitate the integration of each faculty member's experience of teaching this spring into their overall pedagogical approach. 

Faculty can apply for one course observation per semester. Simply fill out the Peer Observation Request form at by March 15.

For more information, contact Jay Rozgonyi / 2416 /