Fairfield University Launches a Post Baccalaureate

Fairfield University and FUA – Florence University of the Arts are pleased to announce the launch for Fall 2021 of the Post Baccalaureate Semester Experience.

This curated international program was designed specifically for students who missed the opportunity to study abroad over the past year or had their study abroad experience cut-short due to COVID. We are offering to the classes of 2020 and 2021 a valuable international experience after graduation that, with careful planning and intentionality, can help advance career options as well as choices for graduate study. Program Highlights include:

Coursework for the Florence Post Bac Program has been designed to further develop aptitude in specific academic disciplines, provide an international perspective on the subject matter, and offer an immersive experience in Italy.

Along with the academic courses offered through FUA, students may also select to participate in either a full-time internship or a part-time internship for academic credit and grade.  Either option will allow students to hone their professional skills while augmenting their resume with a dynamic international work experience.

Students may enroll for an 11-week term, an extended term with internship or for an academic year.

For students interested in a Post Bac semester program the academic focus areas include Art/Art History; Communications; English/Literature; Health/Nutrition; History/Humanities; Italian language/Studies; International Business/Management/Marketing; International Studies/Leadership/Social Justice.

 For students interested in applying coursework towards a Masters, the academic focus areas include Creative writing; Fashion Retail, Merchandising and Media; Health and Wellness studies; International Education; Organizational Management for International Hospitality; Project Design and Visual Media.

 Students will receive assistance with their Visa application from Fairfield University along with enrollment in comprehensive medical and emergency international insurance.  Students will also have access to airfare and travel support services through the Fairfield University Travel partner.

 Florence University of the Arts will provide housing, advising, and cultural programming for participants.

Students will receive a Fairfield transcript with full credits and grades for the Florence Post Bac Program as well as a Certificate of Completion.

Please encourage your students to explore this opportunity! Applications will open on April 1, 2021. For more information visit our website or email Patricia Pivarnik at globalfairfield@fairfield.edu.


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For more information, contact Patricia Pivarnik / 4124 / ppivarnik@fairfield.edu