CAS Health Studies Minor Student Research Symposium

Date: 04-25-2021

Time: 10:00 AM

Location: VIRTUAL - ZOOM

The faculty of the CAS Health Studies Minor program invite you to attend the annual Symposium of Capstone Research presentations by the graduating seniors of the HS Minor, Sunday, April 25th, from 10AM - Noon.  The event is entirely virtual, with the Zoom meeting link as follows:


Drs. Kathryn Hertzmark and Patrick Kelley of the HS Minor program have worked intensively with 46 seniors this semester on a suite of projects grouped into the following subcategories, to be discussed in breakout rooms during our Zoom Symposium:

1. Covid and its Effects at Fairfield University
2.  Vaccines, Covid, and even a bit of Dental Health
3.  Recommendations/Guidelines for Public Health Issues

1.  Fairfield University Health Policy
2.  Extra-Institutional Health Studies Issues
3.  Health Literacy, Health Professional Formation, and Wellness

Students will share brief summaries of their work and will welcome questions from the crowd via Zoom in the 6 rooms above.  We welcome you joining at any time throughout the 2 hour symposium, and a facilitator will be able to direct you to rooms of interest.

We look forward to seeing you for a Sunday of excellent research from a suite of very dedicated students!!

Brian G. Walker, PhD
Director - Health Studies Minor Program
College of Arts & Sciences

For more information, contact Brian Walker / 203-362-7499 /