Lost Birds & Second Chances

Date: 04-22-2021

Time: 03:30 PM

Location: Online

To celebrate and acknowledge Earth Day, join the Fairfield University Art Museum and Greenwich Audubon Center for a special virtual program to highlight our earth's most fragile creatures. Our vanished species not only tell us stories of the past but send us a plea to prevent the same fate from falling on other species. The National Audubon Society was formed out of the desire to halt the inevitable extinction of birds being harvested for the use of feathers and new challenges exist in birds’ lives to this day.

To give insight into the natural history of our extinct bird species, Greenwich Audubon naturalist Ryan MacLean will lead a virtual tour through artist Todd McGrain’s Lost Bird sculptures which are currently displayed outside the Fairfield University Art Museum. This monumental collection features five sculptures of bird species that have disappeared forever and serve as memorials to them in the locations which they were last seen in the wild. Not only will you hear information on each species’ demise but also life history information, biology and information on similar species to these extinct birds that are still found in Connecticut. We will also talk about the valuable lessons we have learned in the conservation efforts to protect these and other birds that have received a second chance at survival. You will get to see some of the Greenwich Audubon Center's preserved specimens of several of these species whose lives balance on the brink if we don't act to protect them.

As an incredibly special treat we will also be joined live by Todd McGrain who will detail his work creating the Lost Bird sculptures and his inspiration to promote awareness for the protection of our threatened species. Each species has a story to tell and more importantly a role in helping to maintain our thriving and healthy ecosystem for us as people. Through these pieces of art they also serve as a monument not only to species we lost, but as a reminder that we stand to lose countless more birds if action is not taken.


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For more information, contact Emily McKeon / 2032544046 / emckeon@fairfield.edu