Take Part in the Library's 2021 Summer Reading Challenge!

Looking to recharge and de-stress? Do you like to read but need a little motivation? Are you looking for book suggestions or just someone to share your top picks with? Join the 2021 Summer Reading Challenge with your fellow Stag community.

This event is open to all University students, faculty, and staff. If you are interested, e-mail Matt Schirano at mschirano@fairfield.edu and he will add you to the Summer Reading Challenge online document on Quip. Once you’ve been added, set a goal for the number of books you would like to read this summer. After finishing a book, write the author and title to your area of the document. For every book read between May 16-August 20 you will gain an entry into a raffle to win prizes. More details are on the Quip document and on the DNL blog: https://thednlreport.fairfield.edu/the-2021-summer-reading-challenge/

For more information, contact Matt Schirano / 254 4044 / mschiarano@fairfield.edu