Registration Open for FDEC Day - Wednesday, May 5, Noon to 2 pm

Date: 05-05-2021

Time: 12:00 PM

Location: Zoom

Dear colleagues,

The FDEC Day Committee is looking forward to gathering for Spring 2021 FDEC Day: “Owning the Year that Was: Struggle, Perseverance, & Success” on Wednesday, May 5, 2021, from 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
This FDEC Day, we will invite faculty to reflect on all that we’ve been through in the past year. As we gather, we will acknowledge the various struggles we’ve faced teaching during a pandemic as well as reflect upon the challenge of perseverance. By the same measure, we will spend time naming and making visible both individual and common accomplishments together in community.  The event will be held virtually on Zoom, and faculty will be able to choose from several sessions (see list below) that meet their interests. 

Please go to the link below to choose the sessions you would most like to attend by Friday, April 30.

Session Topics for Your Consideration:

Acknowledging the Struggle: Recognizing and Reflecting
Facilitated by Carol Ann Davis 
Participants will gather together during this session to reflect on the challenges of this year, name them, and move to integrate them into their thinking moving forward.
Leading in Challenging Times: Validation, Vulnerability and Perseverance
Facilitated by Laurie Grupp and Elizabeth Petrino 
Leaders at any level will gather to discuss the unique challenges of leading during this difficult year and the role of vulnerability and perseverance in this work.
Tenure Track Faculty Facilitated Discussion: Validation and Community-Building
Facilitated by Emily Shamash and Tanika Eaves
Participants will gather as tenure track faculty to discuss those challenges during the past year unique to being early on the tenure track and continue to build community across disciplines.
Non-Tenure Track Faculty Facilitated Discussion: Validation and Community-Building
Facilitated by Tiffany Wilgar and Lindy Briggette
Participants will gather as Non-Tenure Track faculty to discuss those challenges during the past year unique to being Non-Tenure Track faculty, and to continue to build community across disciplines.
Research in the Time of Covid - Challenges and Responses
Facilitated by Kathy Nantz 
The faculty and professional staff of the Office of Research and Grants will facilitate a discussion of the challenges encountered and the resources offered for Research in the Time of COVID.
Mindfulness Practices for Self-Care
Facilitated by Paula Gill Lopez 
Dr. Gill Lopez, a resident mindfulness guru, will engage participants in a series of mindfulness practices to calm our minds, bodies and hearts after this extraordinary year. Learn practices to incorporate into your daily self-care routine.
From Adapting to Adopting: Lasting Pedagogical Transformations
Facilitated by Emily Smith 
Participants are invited to share the pedagogical adaptations they made this year that have transformed their teaching in meaningful ways and identify those adaptations that will become pedagogical adoptions moving forward.
Celebrating Innovations: Lessons Learned Video Viewing Project
Facilitated by Jay Rozgonyi
Join this session to witness—via faculty’s self-made teaching videos--some of the inspiring pedagogical stories that have emerged from this unique year of teaching.

The FDEC Committee and the Center for Academic Excellence

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