Frédérick Gravel, U.S. Premiere of Some Hope for the Bastards - Friday, March 22 at 8:00 PM

Date: 03-22-2019

Time: 20:00

Location: Quick Center for the Arts

Ticket Prices: $30 | $5 Fairfield University Students. Please note, Fairfield University and Prep Faculty and Staff enjoy free and discounted tickets by contacting the Quick Center Box Office.

Choreographer Frédérick Gravel returns to the Quick Center, taking the stage by storm with nine supercharged dancers and two musicians for a choreographic concert of downright corrosive energy. For the musically adventurous and visually attuned, Gravel offers a spectacle to savor— an unholy hybrid of the highbrow and the high-octane with musical references of rock, R&B, and even classical.

The purpose of this new work? “To bring a little light to the world.” Gravel seeks to lift us above the twenty-four hour news cycle and impulsive Googling that leaves us more informed than ever, but feeling hopeless to make any meaningful change in the mountainous issues that plague us. Forget “a little light.” Frédérick Gravel ignites.

In this sprawling sonic universe, the dancers come to life; when they move, it’s with the force of obsession and their bodies shift between repose and ecstatic motion. It’s dance and movement so entrancing that you’ll struggle to stay in your seat as the propulsive beats roll and the dancers move in finely controlled harmony. Beauty is rarely this entertaining, and entertainment rarely this exalted.

Gravel electrifies audiences with dance that is rock ‘n’ roll sexy and in the moment.

Frédérick Gravel is a dancer, choreographer, guitarist, singer, and lighting designer whose work is presented not only in underground performance spaces in Montreal and New York, but at scholarly symposia as well. Gravel cultivates artistic ambiguity, cultural meeting points, the mixing of disciplines, and post-modern irony. He plays with the contemporary zeitgeist; flippant and skeptical. He is complicit with the audience, thumbing his nose at the avant-garde; at the exclusive preserves of the elite. In lucid, offhand fashion, he takes popular culture and establishment culture out of their assigned roles and brings them together.

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