Paving Projects on Campus

In continuing to improve our campus, Facilities is embarking on a series of paving projects. The work has already commenced with adjustments to catch basins and it is anticipated that the work will be completed by the 4th of July weather permitting.

The process will involve the reclaiming and recycling of existing asphalt followed by grading and sidewalk adjustments and finally the paving.

P     Phase 1: The first phase starts June 3rd with the east/west road that starts at the North Townhouse gate to the corner by University Field. Target completion is June 10th.

·       Phase 2: On June 4th, the road that starts at the Round Hill Road gate across from the President’s house past the Barnyard to Bellarmine Road will commence. The access road to the Conference Center loading dock will also be paved. Target completion is June 14th.

·       Phase 3: On June 7th, The road in front of Bellarmine’s entry road past Donnarumma, Canisius Regis and the Jogues lots will start. The lower two Bellarmine lots will also be impacted. Target Completion June 25th. The parking lots for Canisius and Donnarumma will be re-paved as well.

·      Phase 4: Starting on June 14th, the road from the pond extending north past the Quick Center and library to the CUF will be started for a June 29th completion.

For Phases 3 & 4, access will be dropped down to one lane for limited access. The current closure by the CUF for the steam piping work will be re-opened June 6th. We appreciate the significant disruptions these improvements may cause. If you have any special needs or events that may be impacted by the paving, please reach out to David Frassinelli in Facilities to review.

For more information, contact David Frassinelli / x 4254 /