Windows 10 update

Date: 06-16-2021


Over the next few weeks ITS will be pushing out Windows 10 updates.  Your device does not need to be on campus or connected to the VPN to receive the update.

As always, ITS recommends your files are being backed up to Dropbox.

To ensure your computer is updated please do the following:

  • Disable sleep mode when plugged in.
    • Type "sleep" in the search bar
    • Make sure "When plugged in, PC goes to sleep after" is set to "Never"
  • Leave your computer plugged into a power source all day.
  • Leave your computer powered on all day.
  • If the computer notifies you of a reboot please allow it.

ITS will follow-up with you if further action is needed.

For questions please contact the ITS Help Desk at

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For more information, contact ITS Help Desk / x4069 /