Customer Invoices in Workday - Attachments will be Required starting July 1st

Starting July 1st, an attachment will be a required when you Create a Customer Invoice in Workday.

The Customer Invoice is essentially a deposit ticket for funds going to the bank, or in some cases received into the bank account.  Therefore, it is important to have supporting documentation related to the deposit/receipt of funds attached.   Many times questions arise about where the funds are being directed via the ORG/GIFT/Project fields or Revenue Category chosen on the Customer Invoice.  Attaching backup may help answer some of those questions. 

 Attachments required:

1.     At the very least, please scan and attach a copy of the Check to the Customer Invoice. 

2.     If sending Cash for deposit, please attach documentation from #3 which would be helpful.

3.     Attach any documentation that would be helpful in the Approval process of the Invoice:

a.      Remittance information that may accompany a check – i.e. list of students related to the payment.

b.     An invoice created for which you have received payment.

Documentation related to the event for which you may have collected cash – i.e. bake sale flyer. 

Please click link below to download documentation regarding this new requirement. (login with NetID/password and document will download)

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For more information, contact Gina Costa, Bursar / X4191 /