EMS Room Reservation Workshops and Tutorials Sign Up

Date: 07-14-2021

Time: 11:00 AM

Location: College of Arts and Sciences Innovation lab (located off Library Lobby opposite the Dunkin')

Sign up for in-person EMS Training and refreshing sessions

The Office of Conference & Event Management is hosting several in-person training sessions this July to help reacclimate the campus community with the refreshed look and work flow of EMS and its capabilities.

(Please be aware public use computers are limited within the space so if you have a laptop or iPad you can use please bring it with you to the training session.)

Please sign up - Here

Available dates and times:

  • Wednesday July 14th 11AM - 12PM
  • Wednesday July 21st 11AM - 12PM
  • Thursday July 22nd 1PM - 2PM
  • Tuesday July 27th 1PM - 2PM
  • Wednesday July 28th 11AM - 12PM

Information Regarding Event Reservation Requests

Welcome to the online web reservation Portal, "EMS". The Office of Conference & Event Management oversees all daily room reservations and maintains this portal for the campus community.

You may use this system to request and reserve campus spaces and resources. If a space you are looking to request does not show up for you within your reservation templates  (Faculty/Staff Room request, Request a Vehicle, etc) please reach out to the Office of Conference & Event Management directly at ext.4202.

For any request related to an accredited academic class please reach out to the registrar’s office as they will handle any needs regarding spaces with accredited classes.

  • What is a everyday user? find out Here 


"How to use EMS" walk through guides  - Here.

"How to book a space that uses reoccurrences" - Here

"How to assign a delegate in EMS" walk through - Here

Related Web Site : https://forms.gle/B1sgZPXxAS6tqxiC7

For more information, contact Bartholomew Kallgren / 2086 / bkallgren@fairfield.edu